#1431, 1432 Triple K ESP Compact Concealed Carry Expandable Baton 16″ or 21″


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Compact version of ESP telescopic baton is designed for concealed carry. Thanks to its significantly reduced dimensions it is suitable for all kinds of armed and security personnel who carry out their duties in civilian cloth. The ESP product is made from hardened steel which sets it apart from various other imported versions. You can use it for the most demanding missions in extreme conditions.

The transverse knurling provides a firm and secure grip of the baton and proper positioning of the clip. The clip can be moved or removed depending on the user's need. The baton can be fitted with entire ESP accessory line which we offer but with exception of baton holders. Baton is designed for use with the provided metal clip.

Diameter of the handle: .85".

Available in 16" or 21" with black finish.

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Compact batons

1431- 16" = $79.00, 1432- 21" = $81.00