#863, #864, #867 Swivel Universal Magazine Holder


863: This universal magazine holder was designed to carry a broad range of double stack 9mm or .40 and .45 single stack magazines; the unique retaining spring will also accommodate a host of other magazines. The holder aids the quick retrieval of the magazine yet holds it securely in place. A patented clamp allows quick attachment to belt with one hand; the magazine can be rotated 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. Perfect for police, military and action shooting enthusiasts.

864: The same holder as the #863 but with a flat, quick coupling clip; attaches to belt with one hand but gives the holder a lower profile next to the body. Rotates 360 degrees and can be fastened to a MOLLE system.

867: The same holder as the #863 but with a metallic clip that allows quick attachment to a belt or tactical vest. This holder does not rotate, but fastens to a MOLLE system.